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3 Skincare Products that Protect Black Skin and High Melanin Skin Tones

by Jada Ross 07 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Taking care of your skin is important and selecting the right product that protects your skin can feel like you’re trying to solve a difficult puzzle. When looking for the perfect skincare regimen, it’s essential to take your tone, sensitivities, and texture into consideration. Let's get into some of our favorite products that protect and nourish melanin-rich skin – for black women, black men and other people of color.


Wear Sunscreen

Our melanin may seem to protect us a little bit longer than those who lack, but our melanin is not a full proof protectant. Our skin burns and gets damaged as well so while darker skin might offer extra protection from direct sun damage than lighter skin tones, sunscreen is still a necessity for all. At the end of the day, beautiful melanated skin can also suffer the long-term, harmful effects of sun exposure. Some of these effects include the early appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots on the face.

Applying a healthy amount of sunscreen is an easy and stress-free way to protect yourself from those UV rays, no matter what your skin tone is.  Skin by Jada Ross Protection 50 Sunblock serves to protect your skin from this damage. With broad-spectrum protection, a lightweight feel, and with no white caste, this moisturizing and paraben-free sunblock will keep your skin glowing even in the most piercing sun.


Invest in a Quality Moisturizer

It’s important to remember that high-melanin skin tends to have a lower amount of ceramides - the natural lipids in our bodies that help to moisturize our skin. Therefore, when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and giving it the right amount of hydration, it’s all about the moisturizer. If you’re looking for an effective moisturizer to complement the naturally-occurring elements of your skin, the Maxi Hyaluronic Moisture Cream is the product for you.

Beyond keeping your skin glowing and feeling soft and smooth, this moisturizer is an anti-aging product, providing an ultra-hydrating blend of ingredients that help to counteract aging of the skin. 


Use a Vitamin C Serum

Hyperpigmentation is a common issue for people of color. A Vitamin C Serum is a great way to protect your complexion and correct hyperpigmented skin. You can use the serum to gradually treat long-term damage from sunspots, acne scars, and discoloration. It lightens your dark spots and restores your skin resulting in a healthy vibrant glow. Skin by Jada Ross Vitamin C Serum is a high potency blend and a top selling product.


While we only provided you with 3 skincare product recommendations, we recommend you view our skincare collections to find the best products to fit your skincare needs so that you can reach your skin goals! 

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