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The Importance Of SPF During The Winter Months

The Importance Of SPF During The Winter Months

by Jada Ross 07 Jun 2024 0 Comments



Have you set your sunscreen to the side, believing the colder weather means you no longer need it? If you have, you may be setting yourself up for unwanted skin issues in the future! Many people wrongly believe that cooler temperatures lessen the sun's effect on their skin, but harmful UV rays are just as potent during the winter months as they are during summer. SPF is an integral part of every skincare routine year-round, regardless of the season, helping you avoid wrinkles, age spots, and even cancer.


Fortunately, many of our customers already know how important SPF is for maintaining bright, healthy skin, which is why our Moisturizing Sunscreen is one of our best-selling products. Not only does it deeply moisturize skin, but it never leaves a white cast, a welcomed change from the vast majority of SPFs. Understanding the importance of SPF even during winter is essential, which is why we've provided a few of the top reasons you should wear sun protectants, even during the winter months.


  • Protect Your Skin From UV Damage
    • The sun emits UV rays that can wreak havoc on your skin, penetrating its outer layers and impacting the deeper, subcutaneous layers, damaging and killing skin cells. As much as 80% of these harmful rays can penetrate even the thickest winter clouds, causing damage to the skin that can increase over time. This damage is responsible for premature aging but can also lead to more serious issues like solar elastosis, actinic ketosis, and melanoma. SPF actively blocks UV rays from penetrating into your skin, protecting it on a cellular level.


  • Wrinkle Prevention
    • SPF can prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming along the skin, helping you look younger, longer. Prolonged sun exposure damages the collagen in your skin, causing it to sag and lose its youthful fullness. While there are treatments and products you can use to lessen the appearance of existing wrinkles, preventing them from appearing in the first place is always the best course of action!


  • Winter Weather Puts Your Skin At Risk
    • While sweat can wash away SPF in summer, winter weather can cause it to break down and erode faster. That means reapplying your sunscreen throughout the day is just as essential in the colder months as it is in the warmer ones. Using a product with high-quality ingredients like Titanium Oxide will ensure your skin is protected for longer periods, acting as a shield against damaging winter elements.


  • Keeps Skin Moisturized
    • Choosing an SPF with a moisturizer will help keep your skin moisturized during the colder weather, which is essential for stopping painful itching, tightness, and peeling. Pairing nourishing moisture with the protectant nature of SPF creates the ideal combination for healthy and comfortable skin all winter long.


Are you ready for soft, healthy, and protected skin all winter long?

Our Moisturizing Sunscreen contains SPF 30 and uses the highest quality ingredients, including Titanium Oxide, for the ultimate hydrating protection without the annoying white cast! If you're looking to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, prevent wrinkles, slow aging, and increase moisture, then check out Skin by Jada Ross today!


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