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Restore Damaged Skin with a Face Lightening Cream that Brightens Dark Spots

by Jada Ross 07 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Skin Brightening creams have long been used to treat dark spots. Dark spots are common for nearly every skin type, but more prevalent for darker skin tones. Additionally, removing those dark areas can be difficult, time consuming, and often very costly. You may have tried different lotions and creams to remove hyperpigmentation to no avail. In a world where beauty brands come a dime a dozen, you would think it would be easy to find the right product for you, but it isn’t. If you’re tired of experimenting on your skin with different types of creams for brightening, then we’ve got you covered. We specialize in formulating safe, natural and effective skin brightening creams, face and body cleansers, scrubs and serums that restore your skin and create a bright even tone glow. Say goodbye to dark spots, an uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation with our natural face cream and dark spot correctors. Lighten or brighten your dark spots with our fast-acting skin brightening products. Below are just a few reasons why you should use Skin by Jada Ross products.

Repair Uneven Skin Tone

Our internationally known best seller, Face Cream 2.0, creates a moisturized, dewy, soft , even tone, bright complexion. It removes dark spots, dark areas and post acne scars and marks leaving you with an even tone beautiful complexion. Did we mention that it contains Vitamin C? The Vitamin C helps promote healthy skin and decreases melanin synthesis which is great for dark spots as they start fading with each use. 

Ingredients that Help Brightens Discolored Skin

Our Face Cream 2.0 also contains shea butter which helps lock in moisture in the skin. Shea butter is an excellent ingredient as it not only hydrates but also softens the skin.

Castor oil in our cream also serves as a great ingredient in helping remove dark spots. It also moisturizes the skin and promotes good skin health by preventing and relieving dryness and inflammation. 

Get Your Radiant Glow Back

Do you miss your natural radiant glow? The Face Cream 2.0  gives a great boost to dull and damaged skin. It contains stearic acid, which is an emollient. This means that it works to soothe and moisturize the skin. Hyperpigmentation often appears because of damage caused by acne, scarring, sun exposure, and other factors.

Collagen is another powerful ingredient we use to illuminate your radiant glow. Skin is made up of a protein known as collagen. The skin needs this protein to maintain good elasticity, texture, and keep your skin smooth.

We offer numerous products that help transform your skin to a healthy, luminous glow.  Check out our entire collection of skin brightening products and dark spot correctors.

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