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Recommended Hair Growth Products for Black Hair

by Jada Ross 07 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Do you suffer from hair loss or slow hair growth? Do you struggle with a dry itchy scalp? Is your hair dry and brittle? If you’ve answered yes, then we recommend you use natural haircare products that nourish your scalp and moisturizes your hair resulting in healthy hair growth. There are thousands of haircare products on the market, but we can only vouch for our hair growth products as being safe, natural or organic and proven to show results for our customers. Skin By Jada Ross hair growth & protection products transform your hair and prevent you from making the costly mistake of using ineffective products that further damage your hair. Let's take a look at some of our recommended hair growth products for Black women and our many types of hair textures.

Strong Edges Serum: Herbal Scalp Oil 

Organic hair oils are excellent solutions to healthy hair growth because they moisturize your hair and scalp. The Strong Edges herbal scalp oil contains black seed oil, which helps to protect and relieve your itchy scalp. In addition, our herbal scalp oil contains vitamin E and coconut oil, which strengthen the roots, promote a stronger hair shaft, and helps grow your hair edges.

If you’ve tried multiple different products to re gain your lost hair edges yet saw no results, then it’s time to consider using a different product – specifically from a black-owned hair brand that specializes in stimulating hair growth for Black women. If you suffer from thinning or broken edges, or just want to maintain your edges, then the Strong Edges Serum: Herbal Scalp Oil is a must buy to add to your haircare routine. 

Coils * Curls* Kinks* : Whipped Herbal Hair Cream

Of course, we have to mention one of our best hair products available. There are many herbal hair creams that are formulated to moisturize and soften your hair, but this cream goes the extra mile containing valuable nutrients delivered to the roots, which encourages hair growth. If you want to grow your hair and soften it in the process, COILS*CURLS*KINKS is your best bet. It is specifically designed to encourage hair growth. Using this cream is also highly effective in rehydrating dry brittle hair damaged by harsh shampoos or other chemical based haircare products. 

Invest in Natural Hair Growth and Hair Protection Products

Black hair is extremely diverse, unique and symbolic to who we are as black women and men which is why it’s important to avoid treating our hair like a science experiment by buying hair products that aren’t specifically formulated to help protect and stimulate our hair. We are a brand that cares about our customers and we wouldn’t create a hair cream or hair oil that we, ourselves wouldn’t use. We create all products with you in mind.

To learn more about Skin by Jada Ross haircare products, visit our Hair Products Collection.

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