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Happy Holidays! Happy Skin?

by Jada Ross 28 Nov 2018 0 Comments

The Food You Eat Directly Impacts Your Skin

The types of food you eat can how dry, clear, oily, and youthful your skin looks and feels. Make sure you follow a healthy diet that contributes to healthy, smooth, clean and clear skin.

Minimize Your Consumption of Processed Foods and Sugars. 

Yes, I know, easier said than done during the festive holiday season. But here's something to think about and hopefully reduce some of our temptations.

Eat less sugary foods. Your should control your sugar consumption because because sugar contributes to the formation of yeast born organisms in the body. Yeast is responsible for accelerated aging.

Eat More Fruit. A Healthier Lifestyle Means a Healthier Life.

Add healthy foods to your daily diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E are integral in conditioning your skin and maintaining a beautiful youthful and spot free complexion.
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