Egyptian Milk by Jada Ross

Face Cream 1.0 with Argan
( Maintenance - Fragrance Free)

Our " Face Cream 1.0  " is an ancient skin brightening formula with an added special ingredient of Argan Oil. We recommend this cream as a Maintenance Tool for use after reaching your brightening goal with our faster acting " Face Cream  2.0 "; or for those who just want to simply maintain their current tone.
In addition to being a Fragrance-Free , this cream hydrates, combats acne, and helps reveal a more luminous complexion. It also reduces the appearance of sun damaged and dull skin. A natural way to maintain your skin tone and show a more youthful glow. Paraben-Free.

 Skin types - For all skin types including Oily, Acne-Prone and Sensitive.  Especially made for those who want to maintain their current skin tone, prefer a face cream that's matte and is fragrance-free. For Faster acting lightening, and for those who like a more dewy texture, our "Face Cream 2.0" is the product for you!

Bonus Ingredients - Collagen, Argan Oil
3 fl. oz
Tips from Jada 
Cleanse your face prior to cream application. Our "Perfect Cleanse  AHA " face cleanser has  Alpha Hydroxy Acids which assist in creating flawless skin for those with oily skin. "Clean and Clear"  face cleanser has Benzoyl Peroxide and does the trick when acne is present, also works well when it's well diluted for preventative measures.